Cool Stuff Every Stoner Needs from the Online Headshop

Some things are meant to always be with a stoner. It’s like ham to its burger or mayo to its naise. If you’re a stoner, do not violate the code and get caught slipping without these stoner essentials in your possession. Luckily for you, all of the stoner essentials you could possibly need are sold at an online headshop, with shipping directly to your home or other preferred location. What items do you need to pass the stoner code?

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Well, first there is a lighter. Yes, stoners instantly become mathematicians, electricians, and scientists when it is time to smoke if there isn’t a lighter or proper paraphernalia available, but why go through 10 kinds of trouble to smoke and waste all that time when you just need a lighter? Most stoners know that you should always carry at least two lighters, and always make sure that it is a Bic. The adverts are right and nothing flicks a stoner’s jit like a Bic.

If you don’t have a pipe (sometimes called a bowl), what are you doing with your life? It is possible to roll a joint or a blunt, but unless there’s a party or group of people, you’ll only waste your marijuana. Make sure you have a bowl or two on hand. And, of course, buy a bong. Every type of smoking contraction creates a different type of high and stoner experience that you need to enjoy at least once during this thing we call life.

Incense is a stoner’s best friend. Even smokers who reside in legal 420-states appreciate the amazing smells that fill the air when incense is lit. It beautifully covers the smell of the cannabis so no one will expect that you are indulging. There is even cannabis-scented incense to add to the fun! Make sure there’s a nice supply of incense on hand at all times. Maybe even stock the cabinets with a few cans of air freshener, too.

A grinder is good to use to break up the cannabis to roll or to put into a bowl. There are some pretty cool designs on the available grinders, so find one that you like and add it to your stoner collection. Ladies need a hair tie to keep their hair from becoming a part of the blaze, and of course, it is important that all stoners have containers to store their product inside. Some people use quart jars, but containers designed specifically for cannabis storage make transportation and privacy a top concern.