If you have been sleeping under a green fir tree with a juicy red apple pertly balanced on your head for the last three hundred years or so, you may never have heard of this planet in a galaxy far, far away. In all this sleepy time, you may have been dreaming of a gallant warrior that was going to come around and shoot his arrow straight through that red apple of yours. And as the apple’s juice started to ooze into your locks, you may have been inspired to start writing your own story.

So far so good, you have read through the first paragraph of this fine story. The cynic in you might be suggesting that this is all too much of a phantasmagoric story, and so it is. This is the object of the exercise because it is what it takes to become famous on that ancient planet otherwise known as the moviestarplanet. In a galaxy far, far away. Of all the places. This is not a bad story, some of you reading this may be prompted to believe. You get a sense that this may be a metaphor of sorts referring to how long the journey usually is to finally reach the planet called Hollywood.

Dreamers like you, in their thousands, have found the journey quite arduous, and of course, many of them never reached their final destination. But some did. And that is how your story unfolds. As you write, with great inspiration in your heart, you write to others that they must never, ever, ever give up on their dreams. The great orators of this planet, otherwise known as Earth, have been saying it for centuries, although their plans for the world had other intentions to do with claiming the spoils through forceful means.

And in fact, this is the very thing that many of today’s Hollywood stars have done. They have pushed and shoved, even groveled their way through the back door and into the limelight of the stage. Not for them was standing in a long, long line, waiting for a turn to read a few well-rehearsed lines. In reality, many Hollywood stars had good practice to get this far. They did so through real life. The things they did to get to the top can defy the imagination and cannot always be mentioned here.