• Boarding & Cafeteria

    Boarding & Cafeteria

    PARENTSASSOCIATION (PA) The PA also serves as a channel through which parents can communicate ideas for the betterment of the school to the administration and Board. It works in an advisory capacity only, however, and does not establish sch

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  • Events & Festivals

    Events & Festivals

    Dining Service 國際、綠色、關愛、快樂 從埃頓開始 食物不僅僅是營養,更是對生活的一種享受。一份食物散發出來的色香形味,會滋養著味蕾、熨貼著心房。 光與影編織出來的夢幻菜單

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  • Facilities


    Facilities 學校設施 PKUES (Suqian) has made a significant investment into the facilities at the school. There are multiple modern purpose-built specialist rooms equipped with a wide range of equipment for meeting the needs of todays edu

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  • School Bus Service

    School Bus Service

    School Uniform Waiting for Head Office to make the decisions

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  • Clinic Service & Health Centre

    Clinic Service & Health Centre

    The School Clinic and Accidents Nurses are employed by the school. All injuries considered even remotely significant should be sent to the school clinic for treatment by the school nurse. The nurse will determine if and when a student needs

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  • Album & Video

    Album & Video

    Safety and Security The school recognizes the need to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students and employees. It is the policy of the school to make every reasonable effort in the areas of accident prevention, injury protecti

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  • School Calendar

    School Calendar

    Codes of Behavior 行為準則 DISCIPLINEPOLICY 紀律政策 BeliefsaboutDiscipline 紀律要求的信仰原則 A well-disciplined environment with clear expectations is essential in order that we may accomplish our most important role in i

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  • Campus Map

    Campus Map

    Community Communication HOME/SCHOOL COMMUNICATION 家?;?家/校溝通 SchooltoHome: 校家: Frequent communication with parents is an important part of maintaining close relations between the school and the home, and teachers are e

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